Urethane Casting & INJECTION MOLDING​​

Urethane Casting​ 
​​ Plastics (ABS, Acryl)
​ Urethane Rubber (More than 45A)
​ PP (Black)​​​​​​

Injection Molding ​​ General resin : PC, PC+ABS, ABS, PE, PP, PS, PET, POM, PA6, PA66, etc
​ Reinforced resin : GF%+, CF%+, PEEK, PPSU, etc
​ Clear resin : PC, PMMA, ABS, etc
​ Soft resin : TPU, TPE, TPS​​​​​

Size : Part Max 350×450×200 (Core Max 640×520×280)​ The available size will be confirmed by undercut existence.
Colors : Basically there are lots of color in resin and color matching is available as well.

Quick Turn  (Mobile phone size)
​​ Simple : 7 days, Medium : 10 days, Complex : 13 days​​​​​​

Tool Material​​ Core/Cavity : Al(dr79), P20, KP4M, Nak80 or negotiable
​ Slider, Insert : Al(dr79), P20, KP4M, Nak80 or negotiable
​ Ejector, Lifter : SKD 61​​​​​​

Key Quality Criterions​​​ Sink, Color match, Flow mark, Scratch, etc​​​​​​