Company Overview​

Helping Product designers and engineers receive and showcase new products in no time, BARO strives to open a world of possibilities and leaves the power in the palm of your hands - this is the core of BARO’s revolution.

​ BARO is leading in speed, quality, and innovation for mechanical components. It opens the future to unlimited options in product development by providing quick turn mechanical fabrication and minimizing the product development cycle.

​ We support local Korea market since 2008 and are now expanding and moving at full speed to service all global markets with Korean ethos, Ppallippalli, and Jeong.

​ BARO means ‘immediately’ and Ppallippalli means ‘hurry up’ in Korean culture and ethos. Speed is our top priority to deliver on precision mechanical manufacturing, achieving high fidelity results to support customers’ product development.

​ We also want to highlight our Korean ‘Jeong’ culture, centered in community to establish long-lasting business relationships.

​ Jeong represents an invisible hug that brings people together. It promotes bonding and attachments that develop within interpersonal relationships. We translate that into our business by offering flexibility through discounts, options to expedite, and drop off services.

​ By continuously investing and researching in our development while operating high tech manufacturing systems, BARO strives to lead in the global market and offer top quality results to our customers.

​ BARO offers complete technological advantage ahead of the competition by securing future growth power in speed, quality and technologies that define our differentiation.

​ BARO strives to be a world-class global company and provides an excellent environment where all employees can maximize their skills. Our team of people is the company’s biggest focus. Our employees work hard to accomplish our goals. We fully support them and believe we can achieve anything with the right attitude, diligence, and sincerity.

​ Quality is our most important objective, BARO concentrates its capabilities to achieve perfect quality results.

​ Our process takes into consideration full environmental safety as a priority and the most important element in any workplace environment. BARO is committed to safety for our team and products.

​ BARO fully processes your requests at the manufacturing site. If ever a problem is found, we are able to quickly analyze, readjust, and resolve it quickly and accurately.

​ Diligence and sincerity without losing focus, a passion for improvement and spirit of challenge for the future, inspiring the world with outstanding speed, technology, and quality, BARO, a company that you can trust will be right by your side. ​